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Nikki W ₪·ø·III·o 🆘️
austin tx
Artist lover of wine 🎶 #Resist #Beto and #Leto #Warren2020 #Buttigieg
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From @bleudawn7
Ok so FB came at me about a post from 2016 being nudity then wouldn't show me the picture. 2016 really?? Yeah take…
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From @davidrstrong
@bleudawn7 Boy, doesn't 2016 seem like a million years ago?
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From @bleudawn7
@davidrstrong It does!! It was probably also Melania
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@bleudawn7: FYI, @davidrstrong blocked me despite never tweeting it. I found that out when I tried to tweet it with advice on how to undercut Mulvaney to Trump's base. Perhaps you should reassess things.