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Jacob Bonfante
Philadelphia, PA
please clap. lover of all things dog. funny on purpose. liberal. okay this is epic. high level ideas. slavoj zizek enthusiast.
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From @EthanBearman
Tucker wants to talk California with me today. I hope you get a chance to tune in 8pm ET/7pm CT/5pm Pacific Time.…
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From @BDOH
@EthanBearman @GavinNewsom Actual footage of the track:
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From @jakebonfante
@EthanBearman @GavinNewsom Wonder how many times he’s going to cut you off or yell “poop in the streets!”
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Those who turn their backs on CA are unpatriotic; EB is too useless to call TC on that. Most CA problems are due to anti-American NeoLiberal policies both Ethan and Murdoch support. MT @BDOH MT @EthanBearman [I'm the designated liberal stooge while Tucker smears California]
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@jakebonfante: if @EthanBearman were smart, honest & patriotic, he'd mention the main cause of CA problems: anti-American NeoLiberal policies (loose borders/free trade/globalism). Both Dems & GOP strongly support those. Murdoch even testified for amnesty. Did Ethan mention that?