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Katie Eubanks
Jackson, MS
Saved by Christ! Excited about being used for His glory. Publisher/editor @MSChristLiving. RTs do not = endorsements.
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So :) I know there's A LOT going on nationally. Like, a lot. BUT :) There's also a lot going on on the local level…
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From @samrhall
@FowlerSarah So maybe give them a link where they can subscribe and support local journalism?
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From @KatieEubanks
@samrhall @FowlerSarah You’re the worst hahaha
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.@KatieEubanks: Trump's horrific, but @FowlerSarah & @samrhall are paid to push the anti-American Big Biz agenda of loose immigration that's designed to lower wages. Their agenda would cause pain to millions of lower-wage U.S. workers. Look at the bottom line.