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Izzy Gutierrez
Fort Lauderdale
NBA NBA sidelines. Around the Horn. Univ. Florida graduate. Once voted more attractive than Pat Sajak. IG: mrizgutierrez Snap: izgriz55 🌈
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We've got a BIG show to close out the week. Join @SedanoESPN @woodypaige @IzGutierrez and @ProfBlackistone in 5 min…
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.@AroundtheHorn @SedanoESPN: ESPN is currently playing kneeball. You hide Ronaldo on a pay channel few pay for because they don't know who Ronaldo is. ABC thinks women's basketball is a bigger draw than soccer. Etc etc etc. Thank gosh for Murdoch. ABC would never interrupt GMA.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@izgutierrez: why does #ESPN even have an "NBA Friday" when they constantly play basketball 24/7? Not only that, they play basketball 24/7 on *three channels* at the same time. That's OCD & is horrible for ratings. Urge ESPN suits to show winter baseball & soccer occasionally.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@IzGutierrez: if there were a sport called "soccer" (or "football"), you wouldn't know it from #ESPN. They show more *cornhole* than the world's most popular sport.
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From @HQonESPN
Guess who today!! ESPN⌚️4:30 PM ET
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@IzGutierrez: @HQonESPN (sans you) couldn't understand the point of summiting. For less money than #ESPN spends on "shows", they could easily get foreign, offbrand, tape-delayed, no-announcer #soccer matches & make more money. Thank your lucky stars they can't figure that out.