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Ivan Garcia-Hidalgo
Washington, DC
Exec Producer of “Battleground”, “La Politica”, & “The Framers Forum” on Americano TV @tv_americano. Host of @Battleground_TV + @LaPolitica_TV
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From @CortesSteve
The #NeverTrump crowd puts emotion before facts & policies. Comparing our President to a murderous mobster, & cal…
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From @IvanGH
@CortesSteve @ananavarro @ChrisCuomo She’s a basket case. She lost all credibility a long time ago.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@IvanGH: @ananavarro is extremely vulnerable on #immigration: she pushes policies that most *Dems* would oppose like harming U.S. workers & students. @CortesSteve could do real damage to her career if he pointed that out. Yet - oddly enough! - he refuses to do that. Explain.