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Bio: is a Scandinavian non-refereed sport studies web journal publishing articles, book reviews and relevant news. Editor: Kjell E. Eriksson
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From @idrottsforum
Kyle Kusz: Notes on Donald Trump’s America & Tom Brady as Dog-whistle | Sport in American History
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From @NateAcreman1
@idrottsforum This would all make since if Brady wasn't a 6 time Super Bowl Champion, 3 time League MVP, 4 Time Sup…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
This is just part of the Kulturkampf gegen those who look the same as Kjell E. Eriksson. Cons are worthless against it. MT @NateAcreman1 [to @idrottsforum hyping U. Rhode Island (!) Prof Kyle Kusz smearing Tom Brady] [I don't like Brady but he's a winner so people like him]