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Elizabeth Warren is a breath of intellectual fresh air after listening to the other half of the human race for 6 decades. Keeping the faith no matter what!
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Apple has pledged $2.5 billion in California to combat homelessness. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has committed more t…
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@60Minutes These companies and billionaires are part of the problem. Don't be misled to believe they are doing it…
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@60Minutes #Housingfirst
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All Dem & GOP leaders (Bernie, AOC, Trump, etc) are part of the problem too. They push pro-Big Biz NeoLiberal (loose borders/free trade/globalism) policies. MT @Hopeful86848674 [they're part of the problem] MT @60Minutes [Bezos/Apple pledge millions to "combat" homelessness]
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Your simplistic plan is a recipe for even more homelessness. One of the first things you should do is help challenge elites on their anti-American policies that worsen things. RT @ChadPutman1 #Housingfirst MT 60Minutes [billionaires donate against homelessness]