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Brett Fattori
Manager, Open Source Program Office @TDAmeritrade, Techie, FLOSS Advocate, JavaScript Wrangler, amateur gastronomer...
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From @pmarca
"Life is never more fun than when you're the underdog competing against the giants." --Ross Perot, founder of EDS, RIP
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From @bfattori1
@pmarca @Sunayna Didn't EDS make GM's IT so unbearable, and cost GM much more than if they had done the work in hou…
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.@bfattori1: you probably think DOM's a great idea, right? So why, other than the gross incompetence or grift of Tim Berners Lee, @pmarca, etc wasn't it in there from Day One? If you had to design a web-like system now, would it be like the unholy hell of HTML + CSS + JS?