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I am Bourbon Anon #banon #followthevomittrail World's only 1932 Emu War expert Founder of the Bourbon Lantern Corps
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From @drawandstrike
I fricken' HATE Alex Jones for the ghoul he is. But they are STARTING this with Alex Jones hoping people will 'ge…
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All are parasites. Eg, Rush admitted he was deceiving his audience for GWB only after GWB was out of office. MT @HNIJohnMiller MT @drawandstrike [first they came for Alex Jones, then] RushLimbaugh or DanaLoesch or dbongino, it'll be too late for us to stop it.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@HNIJohnMiller @drawandstrike: opposing #Twitter censorship the con/MAGA/Alex Jones way obviously doesn't work: look at Jones, Milo, etc. Twitter censors *all* kinds of users, see my top tweet for real data. The only way to stop their censorship is to care about others.