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😷Hong Kong World City 🖐🏻☔️
Defend HK. Be Water. Stay Cool.✌🏻Mobilise HK society 4 democracy. Observe Art of War. Est. 2014. #NoEvilLaw #LegCo2020 #HongKongProtests #StandwithHongKong
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RT @Davis4Hk: On 30 Oct (Wed), we’ll wear #WinnieThePooh costumes on quad at #UCDavis! You are encouraged to bring outfits / merchandise wi…
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.@HKWORLDCITY: you hype @Davis4Hk plan to wear Winnie The Pooh costumes at #UCDavis to support Hong Kong protests. That childish, 20W plan makes this look like Stephen Hawking. Learn to engage opponents in debate, not act out like children.