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New York, USA
Buffalo; Alternative; Start more things than I finish
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From @MauraBarrettNBC
At today’s town hall in Eagle Grove, @SteveKingIA told a story about how he drank from a toilet at a migrant facili…
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From @MRnped
@MauraBarrettNBC @SteveKingIA So he must think it’s clean. Not sure he would do this if the exterior was swabbed an…
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From @ck64399375
@MRnped @MauraBarrettNBC @SteveKingIA I wouldn't drink out of anything that was 6ft from a toilet! I make everyone…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Nor would I. Bear in mind Maura is paid to push the Big Biz line. It causes misery for both U.S. workers & developing countries. MT @MauraBarrettNBC [Steve King drank from toilet-mounted water spigot] MT @ck64399375 I wouldn't drink out of anything that was 6ft from a toilet!...