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Greg Greene
Washington, D.C.
Current: @PPAct. Past: @AFTunion, @TheDemocrats, @BSD. Kitchen nerd, wiseacre, Deep South expat. Views my own; RTs & faves ≠ endorsements.
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From @jeffhauser
This statement presupposes that Facebook grew organically, rather than via dozens (hundreds) of reversible mergers…
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From @ggreeneva
@jeffhauser Also: "successful American company," LOL. Successful at delivery of shareholder value? Sure. At growth…
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From @jeffhauser
@ggreeneva I think there's a lot of economically significant evidence that they have been at times more of an Irish…
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From @ggreeneva
@jeffhauser Yep, that point too.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ggreeneva: @jeffhauser wants to go after Trump's business "allies", despite Trump fans not GAFF about that or what Trump did in 1985. I want to challenge & show wrong Trump's *current* proxies on Trump's *current* how policies will fail his base. Which plan is smart?