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Henry Farrell
Washington DC
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From @ezraklein
Warren is dominating this debate, but the socialism vs. capitalism section is a reminder that she's never really fi…
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From @ezraklein
She is, as @henryfarrell argues, a pro-market leftist, in a way that sets her apart from the field, and makes for a…
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From @ezraklein
Her career has been spent thinking about how the powerful rig markets and how they can be stopped, but her campaign…
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From @ezraklein
This @willwilkinson essay is also worth reading if you want more on this dimension of Warren's thought:
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From @otherotheryan
@ezraklein @willwilkinson It’s true FDR liberalism and she should own that mantle as such. So much of FDR’s agenda…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@otherotheryan: both @willwilkinson & ezraklein push very pro-Big Biz/Koch policies; at least the 2nd is funded by Big Biz. I also tricked Will into presenting a *satirical* pseudo-slavery plan as a real plan:
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From @24aheaddotcom
.@henryfarrell: @speechboy71 opines on #immigration, but isn't capable of thinking things through: #tcot #ows #tlot