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Dallas, TX
Senior Editor and video creator at @RedState. I do bad photoshops. Never tell me the odds. Facebook:…
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.@TexansForBeto: @EWErickson & @TheBrandonMorse claim Beto asked a VFW Hall to take down American flags. Is there more to this story than they blogged?
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.@TheBrandonMorse of #RedState blogs "[Sarah Huckabee] Demolishes Bannon’s Charge That Trump Is Mentally Unfit for Office". Per Brandon & Sarah, Trump's fit for office because he beat the best the GOP has to offer. #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
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Fun fact: I’ve actually met Kimberly Corban. Met her in the capitol when I worked in Denver. Sweet lady.
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.@TheBrandonMorse: Corban asked a weak question, Obama showed her wrong (whether he's telling the truth or not). She did nothing of value.
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.@TheBrandonMorse: please ask Corban to seek my help with future questions:
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From @pjamericanpatri
RT @TheBrandonMorse: Here we see @StephenKing’s gated home in MAINE where he deals with all sorts illegal children in the back yard. http:/…
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.@pjamericanpatri: posting pics of someone's home is for the far-left & #libertarian types. Show King's ideas wrong, no need to be personal.
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The Aakash Raut Daily is out! Stories via @joshuaculling @24AheadDotCom @TheBrandonMorse