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United States
Joined Twitter 2support President Trump &engage w/team MAGA. FFL holder &Firearms Biz owner. NRA member. ๐Ÿšจ My page is not a safe space. โš ๏ธ Enter @ UR own risk!
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From @JrcheneyJohn
RT @GrizzleMeister: Can we strip this unpatriotic racist idiot .@RepGutierrez of his citizenship &deport him? At a minimum he should be locโ€ฆ
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From @24aheaddotcom_
No, because he's a U.S. citizen, born in Chicago of Puerto Rican descent. What you can do is answer for why you haven't opposed him in smart ways. MT @JrcheneyJohn RT @GrizzleMeister: Can we strip this unpatriotic racist idiot .@RepGutierrez of his citizenship &deport him?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@JrcheneyJohn @GrizzleMeister: I've had the goods on @RepGutierrez for years & years: Those you listen to have never helped with that: they either did nothing or ineffective things. People like you enabled them being worthless. #immigration
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@GrizzleMeister: when Pelosi says "DREAMers are valedictorians", Trump could easily reply she'd deprive Mexico of the people they need, undercutting her to her base and making amnesty less likely. Trump doesn't do that but pushes the Pelosi/Soros amnesty (helped by you). #MAGA
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From @GrizzleMeister
RT @GatesRobin: @RealErinCruz Liberal Tolerance shows up again! No surprise that there mind set is warped! Dems are going to lose.. Aโ€ฆ
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@GrizzleMeister @GatesRobin: @RealErinCruz blocked me even tho I never tweeted her (at least under that name). How is that different from what an SJW snowflake would do?