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Supervisor Kathryn Barger
Los Angeles County
Chair of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors representing the Fifth District.
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.@kathrynbarger: "Small Business Insurance Fund" has to be spread around (avoid GoFundMe effect where someone gets $100ks more than they need while another equally-needy gets nothing). Everyone takes a hit. No grifting, favoritism, etc.
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We just declared the "Safer at Home" Public Health Order, which emphasizes the importance of social distancing. Thi…
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.@kathrynbarger: one idea is a "Small Business Insurance Fund". I buy $40 of credits at a small business. They get the $ now, use it for *bare min* of expenses (most to employees). I can use it when they reopen. If they don't, you guarantee it at another business. No skimming etc