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Ginger McQueen
Illinois, USA
ACLU Slayer, gym rat, political junkie, one woman army, and survivor of Chicago Trump riot. I'm horrible about answering DMs.
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From @thehill
Psychologists march through New York calling for Trump to be removed from office
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From @ScottAdamsSays
@thehill The anti-Trumpers of the week: Sex criminals, psychologists, unpatriotic kneelers, Little Rocket Man, Cork…
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From @Terry_Jim
@ScottAdamsSays @GingerMcQueen @thehill Trump could win FOUR terms with this kind of "Resistance"
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Terry_Jim: @ScottAdamsSays called Pelosi's #DACADeal the "middle ground". Do you support amnesty like Dilbert does? #MAGA