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Not *that* @IMillhiser, although the takes are just as bad.
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Here’s the Twitter double standard in action: Why was @ThomasWictor banned outright for one tweet but nothing hap…
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The con base is incredibly dim & deranged, led by dim grifters like yourself. Millhiser is dim, but he's on the smart/sane side. You aren't smart/sane enough to change it. MT @JackPosobiec Why was @ThomasWictor banned outright for one tweet but nothing happens to @IanMillhiser?
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@24AheadDotCom_ @JackPosobiec @ThomasWictor
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.@JackPosobiec: you know that #Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users. You know only 20% of their users are USA & thus only a small % of their users are MAGA. Yet, you reduce the opposition to their censorship to MAGA. That's intensely stupid, Jack. @IanMillhiser
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.@IanMillhiser: you sent me GIFs re my @JackPosobiec tweets, I won't watch them. See the "Examples" at my top tweet. Twitter heavily censors replies to Trump officials. I haven't checked Duterte by they probably protect him too. & Jack *helps* Twitter. Point out both of those.