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I cover breaking news for The New York Times 🗞 🚨• visual storyteller 📸 • politics nerd 🗳• fleece hoarder • yogi 🧘‍♂️• Vandy alum ⚓️
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From @nickconfessore
Two Ohio cops who staged a wrongful arrest of Stormy Daniels, allegedly to discredit her criticism of Trump, then l…
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From @youroldteacher
@nickconfessore @chrislhayes @gettinviggy Justice, thank goodness. I'm hoping they end up in court, too.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Trump has repeatedly hyped plans that harm USA esp his base. Instead of using that against him, Nick Confessore relies on an in-the-market pr00n issue to undercut Trump. Enabling Nick = helping Trump. MT @youroldteacher MT @nickconfessore [cops fired re Stormey Daniels]
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From @gettinviggy
A Connecticut woman says then-Vice President Joe Biden touched her inappropriately at a Greenwich fundraiser in 200…
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From @SMurp3131
@gettinviggy @WaPoSean heeeeeeeeeeeeere we go
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@SMurp3131: in other countries, Biden would just be convicted of a crime and sent to a camp. Here, those like @gettinviggy enable obvious political hit jobs, never questioning why Biden would be so hard up he'd hit on infinite baggers like #AmyLappos & #LucyFlores.