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Lori Ann Burd
Environmental Health Director, Center for Biological Diversity. Also, a long walk taker, lawyer, feminist and bug lover.
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Ran into Noam Chomsky today at lunch with @LoriAnnBurd. We talked about the border wall atrocity and immigration po…
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How much do you 3 know about the issue? Eg, what's the very powerful quasi-governmental group that wants to take a cut of remittances? MT @KieranSuckling Ran into Noam Chomsky today at lunch with @LoriAnnBurd [all of them agree with USChamber & #Koch on #immigration]
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.@KieranSuckling @LoriAnnBurd: which #immigration policy would really put Mexico's corrupt elites in a bind: 1. Loose borders + amnesty + Gastarbeiter, or 2. Enforcing our laws & encouraging DREAMers to go home? C'mon! You know the answer. You're just on the wrong side.