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2020 campaign embed @NBCNews. Always curious. Always eating rice cakes. @elonuniversity grad. Follow my travels: #GaryOnTheGround
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Sen. @BernieSanders is out with a brand new 30 second television ad airing in Iowa this morning, touting his record…
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From @mrv1921
@GaryGrumbach @BernieSanders @bkamisar Just for the record so there is no misunderstanding concerning a man that I’…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@mrv1921: you claim to have known Bernie since the sixties & call him a "freeloader". Challenging him on ***policy*** (not personal junk) would deflate him, yet your leaders (Breitbart/Fox/etc) never even try that, thereby helping him. Are you getting after them or not?
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From @GaryGrumbach
“Our revolution includes dancing,” Sen. @BernieSanders said at the end of his prepared remarks tonight. He’s ma…
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From @muffin_admiral
@GaryGrumbach @davidsirota @BernieSanders That's a cool reference to this Emma Goldman quote "If I can't dance,…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@muffin_admiral: what's not "cool" is @GaryGrumbach is tasked with reporting on Bernie. Instead of engaging him in debate about the downsides of his policies, all he does is blog about trivia. That type of reporting led directly to Trump.