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Los Angeles, CA
Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan of Go Fug Yourself and the novel THE ROYAL WE. Insta: fuggirls, hcocks, & msmorganzola. Email:
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From @fuggirls
You leave the house for a couple of hours, come back and Trump's considering purchasing Greenland. That feels about…
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From @1CreativThinker
@fuggirls Our streets and airports are falling apart and he wants to buy Greenland?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
You should know Trump doesn't direct local spending. You should know to not fall for Trump's shtick as @fuggirls do. Why don't you grow up & try to figure out how to hold Trump accountable? MT @1CreativThinker streets/airports are falling apart & [Trump] wants to buy Greenland?