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Veteran. Science nerd. Author. Ex-Republican appalled by the anti-intellectualism, extremism, & corruption taking over the party. #Resist
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Ahead of the NFL season opener tonight, Tony Evers should make clear whether he is ok or not with players DISRESPECโ€ฆ
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From @FestusFilbert
@ScottWalker Stop bringing the military into this. It was never about the military. The flag & anthem belong to EVEโ€ฆ
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@FestusFilbert: @ScottWalker, Trump, etc get away with their strawman on #TakeAKnee because those with access to them or their proxies don't call them on it in effective ways. Urge CNN hosts to engage Trump proxies in Socratic debate designed to force them to admit the strawman