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Truth seeker. Face into the rising winds of chaos with eyes open. Wear goggles. And a helmet. And maybe body armor. Oh, and a sidearm.
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From @KLSouth
Time for a class action suit: US People v Government.
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From @Jarjarbug
@KLSouth @MarkSKrikorian if only! (Only liberals know how to use the judicial system to ram their Marxist agenda through while we rant away)
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From @fazwiesenfeld
@Jarjarbug @KLSouth @MarkSKrikorian Liberals don't know judicial system any better. We elected a POTUS who appoints Marxist judges.That's it
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@fazwiesenfeld: @KLSouth & @MarkSKrikorian are both just charlatans. See for the scoop on the second. #teaparty