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Ethan Barton
Washington, DC
Proud ferret papa. 'Cosmic Scum.' Daily Caller News Foundation managing editor.
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From @ethanrbarton
We identified @sabokitty - a radical communist who advocates for violence - as Jose Alcoff. Then he, his mom, and h…
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From @docgray81
@ethanrbarton @jtLOL @sabokitty @DailyCaller @AndrewKerrNC Great work!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@docgray81: @ethanrbarton doxes an antifa leader, just as #DailyCaller doxed the Sleeping Giants leader. Now, the SG leader is close to driving Tucker out of a job. DC isn't smart & sane enough to make arguments that'd marginalize the anti-speech far-left, have to dox instead.