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Things I love USMC forever, country,wife,children,family. I have been a teacher and part of the problem. A believer,a giver, a receiver, an evolving work of God
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From @RudyGiuliani
Based on no evidence supporting original falsified charge, Nadler wants to impeach. The entire investigation should…
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From @DavidCayJ
@RudyGiuliani Please show where in our Constitution the courts have jurisdiction in impeachment proceedings. Afte…
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From @Patta47cake
@DavidCayJ @RudyGiuliani When you are a Trump lackey, you will say anything. Giuliani is doing just that.
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From @ErnestStewartjr
@Patta47cake @DavidCayJ @RudyGiuliani Guiliani was U S attorney and then mayor of NYC while Trump was on a crime sp…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Patta47cake: @DavidCayJ is just about getting on CNN to sell books. There are smart things he could have done - all the way back in 2015 - that would have stopped Trump. He refused to do them: Trump is good for his grift.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@RudyGiuliani was hip deep in Trans Texas Corridor (which #MAGA should hate), he supports a national ID (ditto), he strongly supports amnesty (ditto). Explain why no anti-Trump leaders have ever used that. MT @ErnestStewartjr [Trump as mythical figure of eeeeeevil]