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For anyone who thinks I'm crazy that Bloomberg is positioning himself for an indie run, see the stmt he's making on foreign policy tonight.
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From @WaldoWilbur
@ErinMcPike I don't buy the connection. Bloomberg has tons of friends and interests. Speaking about this is not a shock.
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From @ErinMcPike
@WaldoWilbur right, but this is far from the only thing he's been up to since leaving the mayor's office. Immigration, education, guns, etc.
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From @24aheaddotcom
.@ErinMcPike: hi Erin, I'm looking for real reporting on Bloomberg & #immigration: how he misleads, how he's wrong. Where can I find that?
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From @Glaivester
RT @24AheadDotCom: .@ErinMcPike: @AshleyRParker is no journalist. Here's why: #immigration #NYT #NYTimes #tcot #ows
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From @24aheaddotcom
.@ErinMcPike: @AshleyRParker is no journalist. Here's why: #immigration #NYT #NYTimes #tcot #ows