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Erik Finman
19 | Launching a Satellite | @TIME's Most Influential Teen | Fixing Education | Looks like this whole Bitcoin thing might pan out
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From @Magnoliagirl94
RT @OfficeOfMike: What a night! Thank you @Cernovich! CC @OwenBenjamin @JackPosobiec @Raiklin @erikfinman
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Oddly enough, Cernovich isn't exactly leading the charge against amnesty. It's almost like he's yet another cuck who supports the Pelosi/Schumer/Luis Gutierrez/Flake/Graham/Soros amnesty. #MAGA #AltRight MT @Magnoliagirl94 RT @OfficeOfMike: What a night! Thank you @Cernovich!