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Eric Schultz
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CEO,, public affairs strategist, senior advisor to @barackobama, consultant for @DesignatedNFLX, former WH, @SenSchumer flack
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From @brianschatz
CNN chyrons just might kill us all. Why they insist on running with “Trump says tests are coming super soon!” every…
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From @KathyJGoodman
@brianschatz @EricSchultz All chryons stating "Trump says" should be preceded by "Despite evidence". The president…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@KathyJGoodman: holding Trump officials accountable is in the job description of @brianschatz & the media. You admitting Trump officials are not being held accountable means they aren't doing their jobs. Lives are on the line. Don't enable them. Demand they do their jobs.
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From @EricSchultz
Respectfully, this is not correct. We gave the speech in primetime - which was covered by the cables, including Uni…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@EricSchultz: hey Eric, can you direct me to anyone in the MSM (e.g., @dylanbyers) who's really pressed Trump or his proxies on how Trump deceives about immigration? E.g., how his "wall" would fail (I'm sure you can figure out how). List all those who've pressed Trump/proxies: