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From @bruu_truu13
This now has gone from just a BlackLives Matter topic to just complete inequality of any man or woman that wants to stand for Their rights!
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From @oxford99dude
@bruu_truu13 This is what happens when sports tries to mix with political #sticktothegame
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From @erkeyzoo
@oxford99dude @bruu_truu13 only racist trump supporters say keep it off the field. Trump facilitated it and all athletes will stand as one.
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From @FantasyAdvice22
@erkeyzoo @oxford99dude @bruu_truu13 That's not true. Don't pull that bullshit card. I'm not a trump supporter but…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@FantasyAdvice22: tell it to @RichLowry & #MAGA. They think Trump toxifying opposing BLM as a "Trump thing" is a genius move. #idiocracy