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El Çid
Nevada, USA
'I left my famous poem for Twitter?'
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From @JudgeJeanine
Guess where I am?
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From @morninggloria
@JudgeJeanine A TJ Maxx lost n found Wait no an illegal knockoff Disney theme park owned by a Kievan kleptocrat’s…
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From @morninggloria
@JudgeJeanine A Christian garbage barge! Wait no on the way to bust up the United Hairbrush Manufacturers of Americ…
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From @EnBuenora
@morninggloria Old town Prague
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From @6Strings_1Hack
@EnBuenora @morninggloria Don’t help, it’s possible she just woke up there and has no idea.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@6Strings_1Hack: what's funniest about you & @morninggloria is nothing all the many just like you have ever said has had any impact on Trump. You don't even have having an impact as a goal. Trump loves people like you.