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Mother of Dragons
Under the Table and Dreaming
Transplanted Carolina Belle now freezing in MN, Fierce Mama Bear, Proud Navy Wife & Retired Air Force #Veteran #Cubs
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From @Trumper2020
Again i wake up and thank God for motivating Kelli to run. I watched 4 mil$ from Republican establishment twist, di…
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From @emma_rose77
@Trumper2020 @kelliwardaz Here's the thing you Republicans need to get through your thick skulls: it's not "Fake Ne…
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From @Trumper2020
@emma_rose77 @kelliwardaz We are winning everything... we dont have a problem no matter how many times you need the…
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From @talonh1
@Trumper2020 @emma_rose77 @kelliwardaz You and Ward are embarrassments. Ward has taken some time away from tweets s…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@talonh1: o contrary. Unpatriotic, immoral sleaze like @kelliwardaz & @Trumper2020 need to keep speaking and dragging others down with them. Urge #resist leaders to pin #MAGA leaders down on if they support such despicable behavior (without bringing side issues into it).