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Elaine Southard
Colorado Springs CO
Writer, gardener, prayer minister, reader, Dem., interested in Spiritual realities & function, aka metaphysics, NLP, herbs & superfoods, and politics
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From @facebook
"What started out as hope has turned into a movement that will help countless people” – former FB employees Charlot…
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From @Shadows4U55
@facebook @RAICESTEXAS Wish I could get at least $6000 for our local animal shelter they need funds for food vet care grooming etc
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From @elwise44
@Shadows4U55 @facebook @RAICESTEXAS Totally the wrong Place for that animal shelter appeal. Sorry but children fir…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
FB's goal is more immigration to lower wages. Elaine doesn't just enable lower wages, she helps increase border deaths (more crossers = more dying). MT @elwise44 [wrong place, wrong time] MT @Shadows4U55 [give $ to animals] MT Facebook [ex-FB employees helping RAICESTEXAS]