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Ellen Datlow
New York
Award-winning editor of short sf/f/h. I'll live and die by the Oxford comma and I tweet about my passions, take it or leave it. I block assholes.
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@Phil_Lewis_ @EllenDatlow And Betsy got the tuition.
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.@psvail: "University of Farmington" was started a year before Trump took office. Who was president at that time? If the bust had happened in the era of that former president (whoever he was) do you think @Phil_Lewis_ would react the same?
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RT @Amy_Siskind: Yep, this is perfectly normal too: dozens of immigrants in orange jumpsuits with their hands and feet shackled facing a "m…
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.@EllenDatlow: hi Ellen, if you look at the bottom line you'll see that @Amy_Siskind is unwittingly enabling U.S. Chamber, Koch bros, The Fed, MX's crooked elites, sweatshops, growers, & other bad actors. Complaining about details quickly becomes enabling the bad guys.