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Elisa Speranza
New Orleans, LA
Wordsmith, board member, water geek, fairy godmother. New Orleans & Oak Bluffs. Proud member of Red Sox Nation. she/her
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From @Annette_Taddeo
-Bill Whitaker: You describe South Florida as rough and tumble. But this seems to ratchet it up a notch -Annette…
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From @ElisaSperanza
@Annette_Taddeo @60Minutes Go Annette! #truth ️
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Putin's goal is to undermine what people like you call "our democracy". He wants to show it doesn't work, incl by getting people like you to organize circular firing squads. Try to be smart. MT @ElisaSperanza [you go] MT @Annette_Taddeo [claims Putin hacked her election]