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Edward Luce
Washington DC
Associate Editor, Financial Times, US-based writer/columnist. Former DC & India bureau chief. Author of The Retreat of Western Liberalism. Tweets are personal.
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From @EdwardGLuce
“To Trump, whites are automatically American. Others qualify only if they support his politics - their citizenship…
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From @AllanSchlosser
@EdwardGLuce While mainly symbolic, the House resolution rebuking this aberrant president for his racist rants well…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@AllanSchlosser: MO Dems' billboard: "MO GOP has a plan, just not for you" w a pic of a black guy. Nearly every last thing the Dems do is racially divisive. It's never "Policy X hurts Americans", it's always "Policy X hurts People Of Color". Did @EdwardGLuce call them on it?