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Senior staff writer for The Hollywood Reporter (@THR). Colorado native. @TIME's 140 Best Twitter Feeds of 2014. Member of the 2013 Pulitzer breaking-news team.
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Ahh... we aren’t the ones who suspended him... Fake news? No. He’s really done.
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.@TheRyanParker: everyone should oppose @Twitter lil' fascists banning people for calling reporters names. Especially reporters. @Cernovich
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.@TheRyanParker: P.S. Stone blocked me after never being able to answer any of my questions about Trump's unimplementable plans. @Cernovich
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Kopel's Law & Liberty News is out! Stories via @TheRyanParker @kausmickey @SharylAttkisson
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.@davekopel: can I assume you support Orin Kerr taking a fall & in effect helping Harold Koh's nomination? #WaPo #Volokh #tcot #teaparty