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Ed Joyce
San Diego, CA
Writer/Editor 🌊🌲🌳🏔️Oceans, mountains, islands, lakes, rivers & trees. Tweets/RTs/likes/follows by me are not endorsements. @UW alum 🌴Member, @WGAWest
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From @LAcrimes
Authorities disrupt alleged terrorism plot in Southern California w ⁦@JamesQueallyLAT⁩ . Developing story. #fbi…
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From @EdJoyce
@LAcrimes @JamesQueallyLAT An alleged domestic terror plot aimed at “multiple targets” in Southern California was d…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@EdJoyce: an earlier version of the @LAcrimes / ⁦@JamesQueallyLAT⁩ tale about Mark Domingo didn't give an info on the rally he planned to bomb; I had to look it up. Not surprising: Domingo's choice of a target was assisted by #LATimes, MSM, & #SPLC fear-mongering.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@EdJoyce: Kashkari smeared me on #KMJ just for asking him tough policy questions: When will you ask those Q's?