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Ms. Sapphire
The Last Best Place
I'm here to complain about politics with a bunch of strangers.
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What an honor! MTGOP Chairman and @POTUS’ MT re-election chairs @GregForMontana, @AGTimFox, @ElsieforMontana, &…
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From @MsSapphire406
@MTGOP @POTUS @GregForMontana @AGTimFox @ElsieforMontana @MattForMontana @foxforgovernor is the only one on here th…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@MsSapphire406: @MTGOP might cheer @GregForMontana - a thug who can't engage opponents in debate so resorts to body slamming them - but at least they condemned #GOP state rep Rodney Garcia: