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It Matters
Eugene, Oregon
Informed activist, passionate progressive, appreciate facts & science, with no time for fools. @DemsWork4USA #DemCastOR
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.@Earnest_One: FYI, some of the items on @ddale8 's list of "Trump's lies" are deceptive.
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From @Earnest_One
RT @SenFeinstein: In light of Brett Talley’s failure to disclose potential conflicts of interest and online political commentary, I'm deman…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Earnest_One: @SenFeinstein & MSM could stop Talley's nomination if they stressed the fact that he's very pro-amnesty. #MAGA is anti-amnesty, but Feinstein & MSM won't undercut Talley on his most vulnerable issue because the DNC won't let them. #TheResistance