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Economics and geopolitics editor; Lifelong registered Independent Wall St.; Wharton, UPenn; Dual US/Canadian citizen; Patron saint: St. Teresa of Avila
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In fall 2018 survey, 68% of U.S. adults said America's openness to ppl from around the world is "essential to who w…
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From @DunganMaryGwen
@jocelynkiley Pew comes up with some really odd results to its polls. Where were they on Hillary's chances of bein…
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.@DunganMaryGwen: I dunno how Pew cooks the books on their polls, but one example of a bogus @jocelynkiley study was her false claim there are 34 million legal immigrants. She got that by including naturalized citizens (who by definition aren't immigrants). She's not credible.