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California, USA
#MAGA | #AmericaFirst | #KAG | #Trump2020 | #Military | #ProLife | #Catholic ✝️ opinions are mine 😎
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From @mitchellvii
Democrats are broke and can ill afford to spend money fighting off far left primary challengers from within their o…
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From @dtt170
@mitchellvii The entire party is so far left. JFK is rolling in his grave. Dems need new voters, hence DACA.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Amnesty isn't left/liberal/Dem. It's libertarian/pro-corporate & designed to lower wages. Dem leaders are extremely vulnerable to a campaign to point that out to the Dem base. Trump won't do that & @mitchellvii won't demand he does it. #MAGA? MT @dtt170 [Dems are] so far left