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tre berney
Ithaca NY
papa // director, digitization & conservation @Cornell_library // cultural heritage // public good // love is the law // conjuring ritual from thin air
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From @DavidAFrench
Mattis’s letter represents America’s most-respected warrior telling the nation that he does not believe POTUS sees…
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From @BeingKimmieToo
@DavidAFrench @kasie Some of us were troubled before #Mattis’ letter. But point taken. #MattisResignation #Syria
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From @treberney
@DavidAFrench well no shit. this brand of fringe-now-mainstream conservatism as represented by @realDonaldTrump was…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@BeingKimmieToo: if @DavidAFrench were really sincere about holding Trump accountable, he could have done it already by urging engaging Trump in Socratic debate about policy. French can't even conceive of doing that. As a result he's never had any impact on Trump whatsoever.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
It would have been incredibly easy for leading opponents to engage fiscal cons in Socratic debate & show them wrong. Why could none of them do it? MT @treberney [to @DavidAFrench: (r/w yakker grifters)]... Fix this dangerous concept that social infrastructure is bad