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Gabriella “Biella” Coleman
Montréal, Québec
👾👾Anthropologist and Wolfe Chair at @McGillU, author of two books on hackers. Curator @HackCurio ( Board member of @torproject 👾👾
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From @jilliancyork
I gave some quotes last week to a journalist friend and her deeply unethical editor inserted a total fabrication ab…
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From @BiellaColeman
@jilliancyork I'd call it out here. And ask us to RT. And/or give them the option to change it and then if they don't address it here.
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From @jilliancyork
@BiellaColeman In the end, he removed me from the article entirely.
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From @BiellaColeman
@jilliancyork Better than misrepresentation but the editor sounds quite dubious... that's for sure.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@BiellaColeman: I wrote an open source app that exposes how heavily Twitter censors all kinds of users. 20% to 50% of the replies to Trump officials - many from liberals - are censored. See my top tweet. EFF refuses to help due to NIH Syndrome. Will you help change their mind?