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Don Knight
Fallon, NV
Retired Ironworker/ Welding Inspecter. Athlete / Coach / Power Lifter . conservative if you DM me without asking, I won’t be responsible for response 🤬
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.@dknight716 @SooperMexican @rumpfshaker: help me fight the Breitbardation of #immigration! Can I count on you to demand Coulter etc give Trump this argument and get him to use it as written (not with his "embellishments")?
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From @dknight716
RT @SooperMexican: This from @rumpfshaker is very good, but I prefer irrational and unlikely conspiracy theories because they satisfy my em…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
I figured that out > a decade ago. How about helping Trump see valid, smart anti-illegal immigration arguments for once? MT @dknight716 RT @SooperMexican: [scales falling from @rumpfshaker eyes that Breitbart etc. demagogue #immigration eg in Steinle case] is very good...