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No, that's not my cat. No, I don't know whose cat it is. But if you have an extra cat like that, I'll take him. I block haters, bigots, twits, twats & bots.
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From @MayorOfLA
Grateful for the quick, courageous work of @LAFD to put down a brush fire in Sepulveda Basin and help get vulnerabl…
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From @dizzheart
@MayorOfLA @LAFD Homeless neighbors? I wish you'd do more to assist our "homeful" neighbors. Start with enforcing…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@dizzheart: what's ironic is bourgeois sociopaths like you & @JohnAndKenShow *help* those like Garcetti: you make him seem reasonable to most. There are obvious (to me) ways to undercut Garcetti, but those like you aren't rational enough to help.