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Sailing Miami's Waters
Angie Lasher: Author, Photographer, Criminologist, Degrees:Criminal Science, Justice, Fine Arts,PhD:Writer's Block,Vulgar ⛵️I say "your mom" a LOT #FBR #HRC 🦄
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From @AFPhq
RT if u agree that instead of #SaveTheSenate - let's #SaveTheCountry. Vote out @SenMarkPryor on Nov. 4.
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From @DelDayTrader
@AFPhq @PirateWench @SenMarkPryor really? State 3 policies that you asure will benefit anyone other than the oligarcy in the Senate?
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From @PirateWench
@DelDayTrader I was just retweeting that to show it's stupidity. You seem to have taken it as tho I was anti-Pryor. I am not. @SenMarkPryor
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@PirateWench: if you really want to help Pryor, separate Cotton from Limbaugh. Ask Cotton this on video: