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Dave Gramana
New York, NY
I’m doing my best.
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From @HowardSchultz
The question I think we all should be asking ourselves is: at this time in America when there's so much evidence th…
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From @renato_mariotti
@HowardSchultz Please don't run. Your candidacy would divide voters who reject Trump. We can't afford that right now.
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From @davegramana
@renato_mariotti @HowardSchultz This reply has more likes than Schultz’s tweet
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@davegramana: Howard Schultz is going to do whatever he wants no matter what @renato_mariotti thinks. Renato has to figure out how to keep those who don't like Trump from voting for Howie. Based on his history, grade Renato's chances at being able to figure things out.