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Dan Desai Martin
Living in the present
Political junkie, coffee addict, beer lover. Spouse of @RachuDM Senior Writer, Pitches/tips: danielmartin at americanindependent dotcom
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From @DanMartinTalks
Such a feel-good story. So glad that the Red Hen, which kicked out WH press secretary Sarah Sanders last year, is…
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From @st_obrien425
@DanMartinTalks On a recent trip to DC I specifically ate at MXDX because Kirstjen Nielsen was heckled out of there.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@st_obrien425: you & @DanMartinTalks cheer Red Hen kicking out Sanders. Kicking someone out of a store over politics is un-American. Such things are all low-watts who lack smarts & guts to engage opponents in debate know to do. It's not liberal & *it helps Trump*.