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Democrat in a Red State, retired teacher, TCU alumni, Pilates Master trainer,Yoga, kickboxing,fitness classes -ACE-mother of 3-2 grandsons ❤️Soccer, Me2
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From @brianstelter
Watch this extraordinary exchange on @CuomoPrimeTime. @KayleighMcenany says the president has never lied. "He doesn…
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From @matthewjdowd
@brianstelter @CuomoPrimeTime @kayleighmcenany Why have her on??? It debases CNN.
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From @mochiville
@matthewjdowd @brianstelter @CuomoPrimeTime @kayleighmcenany I cannot take anymore of their foolishness. I’m beginn…
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From @CheriJacobus
@mochiville @matthewjdowd @brianstelter @CuomoPrimeTime @kayleighmcenany They do. It's why they have Kellyanne on,…
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From @seaport61
@CheriJacobus @mochiville @matthewjdowd @brianstelter @CuomoPrimeTime @kayleighmcenany According to @ChrisCuomo he…
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From @HillBeverlyhill
@matthewjdowd @brianstelter @CuomoPrimeTime @kayleighmcenany And she is an expert in what? Why does her personal opinion matter?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Re Cuomo & Kayleigh, @matthewjdowd says "Why have her on??? It debases CNN" & @BrigittePeck agrees: "Exactly. There is no value to giving her a platform for gaslighting" Neither of them are smart enough to show **Kayleigh McEnany** wrong. And you wonder why Trump's president.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@mochiville: CNN should have all kinds of people on & then, when they're wrong, show them wrong. I could show Kayleigh wrong with 99% of my brain tied behind my back. Cuomo would need a warehouse of brains to show her wrong. Instead of enabling that, demand better.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
The "this" in this case is yet another instance of a Trump official running rings around Fredo. You can like him personally (!), but don't enable his gross incompetence. MT @seaport61 I love Chris [Cuomo], but i think he's doing a disservice when he allows this to happen
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@HillBeverlyhill: Kayleigh is with Trump 2020, so, unless SJWs succeed in quashing dissent, it's only natural to have her on. The fact that Cuomo etc etc can't show her wrong should provoke you to demand better questioners than Cuomo, not try to keep her off the air.